SpiderJuice 2in1 Stainless-Steel Carving Knife And Scooper

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Stainless-Steel Carving Knife And Scooper, it features a sharp carving knife for intricate designs and a sphere end for uniform fruit or vegetable balls


Introducing the SpiderJuice Stainless-Steel Carving Knife and Scooper. The scooper features a sharp carving knife on one end, allowing you to carve intricate designs into fruit. Also, while the sphere end enables you to scoop out uniform balls of fruit or vegetables.

Additionally, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this tool is dishwasher-safe, rust-resistant, and food-safe. Elevate your fruit-eating experience with artistic designs and colorful options that are limited only by your imagination.

Moreover, with a double-head stainless steel design, it includes a corrugated carving knife and a watermelon or fruit scooper. Also, it’s a 2-in-1 multi-functional tool perfect for DIY fruit salads, desserts, cakes, and ice cream scooping. Transform ordinary dishes into beautiful DIY plates with this indispensable kitchen assistant.

Material : Stainless steel.

Color : Silver.

Package includes : 1Pc.

Country of Origin : China.

Additional information

Weight0.080 kg
Dimensions18 × 3 × 1.3 cm


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