SpiderJuice 7 Days Weekly Pill Planner Storage Medicine Box 3 Times a Day

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  • 7 Days Weekly pill box, you can also store small earrings, vitamin tablets, electronic components, etc.
  • Useful reminder for elderly, seniors and all ages.


Stay organized and never miss a dose with SpiderJuice 7 Days Weekly Pill Box. Additionally, designed to simplify your medication routine, this pill box allows you to organize your medicines on a weekly basis. With three compartments per day, you can easily keep track of your pills and take them at the right times.

Moreover, this versatile storage box is not limited to pills alone. It can be used to store other small items such as buttons, jewelry, or even small parts for DIY projects. Its multi-functional design makes it a convenient addition to any household.

The portable tower design of our 7 Days Weekly Pill Box is a game-changer. Also, the individual pill boxes stack on top of each other, creating a compact tower that takes up minimal space. This stackable feature makes it easier than ever to grab the right pill at the right time, without any confusion.

Additionally, if you’re on the go or looking for a practical solution to help your loved ones remember their medication, this pill box is the perfect companion. Its handy and compact design makes it an ideal travel companion, ensuring that you never miss a dose while away from home. Also, it also serves as a reliable organizer for the elderly, providing them with a convenient reminder to take their pills.

Material : Plastic.

Color : Random.

Package includes : 1 Piece.

Country of Origin : China.


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