SpiderJuice 4Pcs Of Rabbit-Shaped Ice-Cream Maker Molds For A Perfect Ice Cream Cancy Parties

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Delightful frozen treats with Rabbit-Shaped Ice-Cream Maker Molds. Make lollies, ice cream, candy, and more, and let both you and your kids enjoy every sip.


Introducing SpiderJuice Rabbit-Shaped Ice-Cream Maker Molds, the perfect tool for creating delicious frozen treats that will delight both you and your kids. Also, with these molds, you can make lollipops, ice cream, candy, and more, allowing you to savor every sweet moment.

Additionally, the creative and smart design of these molds minimizes waste. Say goodbye to melting ice cream dripping down your hand and make the most of every delicious bite.

Moreover, during the melting process, these molds offer a unique feature. That allows you to easily enjoy the melted ice cream by sipping it through the straw.

These molds let you savor your frozen treats in whichever way you prefer. Whether you want to sip the melted goodness or enjoy it with traditional licking, these molds provide a versatile and enjoyable experience. Additionally, each package includes a pack of four molds.

Material : Plastic Mould.

Color : Transparent.

Package includes : Set of 4 Compartments.

Country of Origin : China.


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