SpiderJuice 4Pcs Anti-Slip Door Stopper For Kids Toddlers Safety

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This cute and durable Anti-Slip Door Stopper ensures secure door openings. Made from flexible silicone, it easily wedges under doors without any bad odor.


Introducing SpiderJuice Anti-Slip Door Stopper, the perfect solution to keep your doors securely open while ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Moreover, crafted with high-quality and vibrant silicone. This door stopper features an adorable leaf shape that adds a touch of charm to any space. Also, its durable and solid design guarantees years of reliable use, providing you with peace of mind.

Additionally, made from flexible silicone, this door stopper easily wedges under doors without leaving any unpleasant odor behind.

Please note: It’s important to check the clearance between your door and the surface before purchasing any type of door stopper. The maximum height of these door stops is 1″. If your doors have a larger clearance, you can stack up two pieces of these door stops to achieve the desired result.

Material : Rubber.

Size : 5 x 2.9 x 1 cm.

Color : Transparent.

Package includes : Pack of 4 Pieces.

Country of Origin : China.

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Dimensions5 × 2.9 × 1 cm


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