SpiderJuice 4-Grid Desktop Stationary Holder For Table Stationary Debris Organization

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Keep Stationaries in 4-Grid Desktop Stationary Holder. This portable and versatile organizer box is a must-have for women’s beauty and makeup essentials.


Introducing the SpiderJuice 4-Grid Desktop Stationary Holder, a versatile organizer box designed for women’s beauty and makeup essentials. Also, this holder offers ample space to store several cosmetics. Making it a must-have for organizing and keeping all your beauty essentials neatly arranged.

Additionally, the convenient metal handle design makes this holder portable and great for travel. Also, you can easily carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring that your makeup and beauty items are organized and easily accessible on the go.

Moreover, with this organizer, you can easily organize and store various beauty products. Also, including lipstick, lip gel, nail polish, makeup brushes, cheek color, liner pencils, foundation sticks, beauty gadgets, necklaces, finger rings, and other jewelry.

Material : Acrylic Plastic.

Color : Multicolour.

Package includes : 1 Piece.

Country of Origin : China.


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