SpiderJuice 2Pc Reusable Medium Size Manual Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes

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Say goodbye to pesky lint on your woolen clothes with our reusable medium-sized manual lint remover. Keep your garments looking fresh and new for longer!


SpiderJuice Reusable medium-sized manual lint remover for woollen clothes: the best solution for removing stubborn lint, fuzz, and fluff from your favourite garments! This portable lint remover is designed to be gentle on your clothes. While still being effective at removing lint, making it the best lint remover on the market.

Whether you need to remove pet hair, lint, or fuzz from your sweaters, this lint remover will get the job done quickly and easily. Its fabric lint remover technology is perfect for delicate fabrics. While its clothes shaver function is ideal for thicker materials like wool.

Our reusable lint remover maintains the look and feel of your favorite clothes and is the best sweater shaver. Additionally, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lint rollers

Material : Plastic.

Packages included : 2.

Country of Origin : China.

Single product size : 16.3 x 13.5 x 1.9 cm.

Additional information

Weight0.055 kg
Dimensions16.6 × 14 × 2.5 cm


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