SpiderJuice 2 Cable Straps Roll Reusable Wire Ties Organizer

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Cable Straps, Cut to your desired length, these self-gripping straps secure wires, curtains, and more with ease. Solution for untangled, organized spaces.


Introducing SpiderJuice versatile cable straps, the ultimate solution for your organizing needs!

Additionally, these DIY reusable tapes allow you to cut them to the perfect length, making them suitable for various uses. Also easy to use, these self-gripping straps effortlessly secure wires, keeping them untangled and organized.

Moreover, their strong and durable design ensures long-lasting utility, making them a perfect organizer for cables, curtains, paper rolls, and more.

Material : Nylon.

Color : Black.

Package includes : 2pcs.

Country of Origin : China.


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