SpiderJuice 1Pc Frypan-Shaped Wall Clock Unique Clock For Non Veg Lover With Omlette Shape

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Home decor Clock with the Frypan-Shaped Wall Clock. This egg frying pan clock serves as a distinctive decoration piece, perfect for kitchens and dining areas.


Introducing the SpiderJuice Frypan-Shaped Wall Clock, a unique and eye-catching clock that adds a touch of creativity to your home decor. Also, shaped like an egg frying pan, this clock is sure to grab attention and become a conversation starter in any room.

Additionally, designed as a decorative wall clock, it brings a playful and culinary-inspired element to your kitchen or dining area. Also, the cutlery-themed design further enhances its charm, making it a perfect addition for food lovers and kitchen enthusiasts.

Moreover, with its vibrant orange color, this clock adds a pop of brightness and liveliness to your space. It complements various interior styles and color schemes, creating a focal point on your wall.

Material : Plastic.

Color : Multicolor.

Package includes : 1 Piece.

Country of Origin : China.


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