SpiderJuice 1set Baby Bottle And Nipple Cleaning Brush With 360 Degree Rotation

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Goodbye to ineffective cleaning methods, and hello to a new level of cleanliness and hygiene for your baby’s bottles! With this Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush.


The ultimate solution for all your baby bottle cleaning woes—the Spiderjuice‘s Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush! This innovative cleaning tool is designed to provide you with the most thorough cleaning experience possible. Moreover, thanks to its long 360° rotating handle and wide bottom brush that cleans every nook and cranny of your baby’s bottles.

Whether you’re dealing with water bottles, milk feeder bottles, or even flasks, this bottle cleaning brush works like a charm. With a wide mouth of up to 1 inch. The brush effortlessly fits into the bottle’s mouth and cleans it to perfection.

And with its flexible L-shape and right-angle design, you can use it straight up and down or rotate the handle for the best results. Additionally, this brush also comes with a small soft-bristled brush that’s perfect for cleaning milk bottle nipples, bottle pipe tubes, and funnels. Also, thanks to its high-quality plastic and nylon bristles, this brush is incredibly durable and built to last.

Size : 30 x 5 x 5 cm.

Color : Random.

Package includes : 1 set.

Country of Origin : China.

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Weight0.0100 kg
Dimensions30 × 5 × 5 cm


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