SpiderJuice 2 Washable Commode Seat Top Cover Lid for Winter

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Washable Commode Seat Cover. No more cold shocks or wincing – this seat warmer ensures a cozy toilet experience year-round. Easy to install.


Say goodbye to icy toilet seats and the discomfort of cold shocks with the SpiderJuice washable commode seat cover.

Additionally, designed to shield your body from the cold, this cover prevents cold-related injuries caused by prolonged exposure to chilly toilet seats. It’s easy to install.

Moreover, crafted from high-quality cotton linter material, this toilet seat warmer is not only effective but also durable. Also, please note that maintaining its quality requires hand-washing.

Material : Cotton Linter.

Color : Random. 

Package includes : Pack of 2.

Country of Origin : China.

Additional information

Dimensions29 cm


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