SpiderJuice Stainless Steel Onion Holder for Perfect Slicing

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Stainless Steel Onion Holder! Its stainless-steel tines simplify onion chopping and removes odor from your hands. Suitable for various ingredients also.


Introducing the SpiderJuice Stainless Steel Onion Holder, the ultimate kitchen companion for effortless chopping.

Additionally, crafted with durable stainless-steel tines, this holder simplifies onion chopping. Also, the added odor remover ensures your hands stay fresh even after handling pungent ingredients.

Moreover, designed for maximum comfort, this holder features a user-friendly handle suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals.

Also, its versatility knows no bounds; you can use it to chop tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, and various meats. The included snap-on cover protects the spikes, ensuring safety and preventing accidental injuries.

Material : Stainless Steel.

Color : Random.

Package includes : 1Pc.

Country of Origin : China.


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