SpiderJuice Pack of 5 Green Tea Infused Toothbrush Oral Care

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Green Tea Infused Toothbrush, infused with green tea essence. Its bristles clean 2x deeper, reducing plaque risk. Ideal for sensitive gums.


Introducing the SpiderJuice Green Tea Infused Toothbrush, specially designed for sensitive gums. Also, this toothbrush features individually tapered bristles infused with the essence of green tea.

Furthermore, the uniquely designed bristles, twice as flexible, effectively clean hard-to-reach places, interdental spaces, and below the gum line. Also, by reducing the risk of dental plaque formation, this toothbrush promotes optimal oral health.

Moreover, enjoy the soothing properties of true green tea in every brush, providing you with the best oral care benefits.

Material : Rubber Handle, Bamboo Bristles.

Color : Multicolor.

Package includes : Pack of 5.

Country of Origin : China.

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Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions25 × 11 × 2 cm


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