SpiderJuice Airpods Watch Band Holder Shockproof Anti-lost

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Airpods Watch Band Holder, your ideal companion for keeping your Airpods secure and accessible during various activities. Attach it easily to wrist watch.


The SpiderJuice AirPods Watch Band Holder, designed as an anti-lost strap, firmly holds your AirPods to prevent them from sliding down or getting lost. Also, attach it to your wrist or arms while sitting, walking, exercising, or engaging in any outdoor adventure. Also, its portable design makes it perfect for activities like gym sessions, running, jogging, cycling, and more.

Additionally, made from stretchable, soft silicone, this holder not only keeps your AirPods secure but also ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience. Also, its skin-friendly material allows for long-term wearing without any discomfort.

Moreover, this holder is shock-resistant, protecting your AirPods from bumps, drops, and shocks without adding bulk. Also, it safeguards your AirPods from scratches during repeated in and out of the case, ensuring their longevity.

Material : Silicone.

Color : Black.

Package includes : 1Pc.

Country of Origin : China.


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