SpiderJuice 6Pcs Acrylic Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Stair Strip

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Acrylic Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Stair Strip. These adhesive strips enhance traction on slippery surfaces, offering a durable hold that lasts for years.


Introducing the SpiderJuice Acrylic Self-Adhesive Non-Slip Stair Strip. Also, the ultimate solution for enhancing safety by improving traction on slippery surfaces.

Additionally, these non-slip bathtub strips are built to last with incredibly sticky adhesive, ensuring years of secure footing. Also, they adhere to a variety of smooth surfaces, including acrylic, ceramics, stoneware, and fine stoneware.

Moreover, installation is a breeze thanks to the self-adhesive backing. Here’s how to do it: 1) Prepare the surface by cleaning and degreasing it. 2) Carefully peel the sticker off the carrier film, avoiding contact with the adhesive surface. 3) Apply the sticker to your desired location, ensuring no air bubbles form beneath it. 4) After approximately 12 hours, the adhesive will bond perfectly to the surface.

Material : Acrylic.

Color : Clear.

Package includes : Pack Of 6.

Country of Origin : China.

Additional information

Dimensions38 × 2 cm


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