SpiderJuice 2Pcs Of Packet Sealing Clips For Plastic Bags Sealing And Reusing

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Packet Sealing Clips, simply twist, compress, insert, and release for a tight seal. Use it as a cable flag, clothespin, labeling freezer packages, etc.


Introducing SpiderJuice Packet Sealing Clips, the ingenious clip that revolutionizes bag sealing with its lightning-fast functionality. Also, with a simple twist, compress, insert, and release, Snappy Seal securely reseals your bags.

Moreover, Snappy Seal’s versatility goes beyond just bag sealing. It serves as a convenient cable flag, helping you keep your TV, PC, and other appliance cables neatly labeled and organized. Use it as a clothespin during laundry time or bring it along for your camping trips.

Additionally, you can even write on Snappy Seal to label packages in the freezer, making it effortless to identify your frozen goods. And when it comes to organizing cables for computers and other electronic items, Snappy Seal is your go-to solution.

Material : Plastic.

Color : Multicolor.

Package includes : Pack of 2 Pieces.

Country of Origin : China.


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