SpiderJuice 1Pc Unisex Jawline Shaper Ball For Perfect Jawline That Reduces Chin Fats

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The JawLine Shaper Ball that will redefine your jawline! Also helps you slim down and tone your jawline, but it also works on 57+ neck & face muscles.


The SpiderJuice‘s jawline Shaper Ball that will redefine your jawline like never before! Say goodbye to tedious mewing exercises and hello to a more relaxing and effective jawline exercise with our jawline ball.

Made from food grade silicone, our bite breaker trainer ball is odorless, tasteless, and sugar-free. Unlike chewing bubble gum or candies that add to your calorie intake and disturb mouth smell. Our jaw exercise ball has zero calories, making it a healthier and more hygienic alternative.

With 40 lbs resistance, our jawline shaper requires 18 kg of force/power to bite, making it perfect for level 1 training. Plus, with an anti-lost rope that has a barrel screw lock clasp on the end, you can carry it with you wherever you go – be it the gym, office, home, or while traveling.

Not only will our jawline shaper ball help you slim down and tone your jawline, but it also works on 57+ neck and face muscles such as masseter, nasalis, and omohyoid. Plus, it can even serve as a stress reliever.

Material : Silicone.

Packages included : 1.

Country of Origin : China.

Product size : 3 × 3.5 × 3 cm.

Additional information

Weight0.030 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm


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