SpiderJuice 1Pc Mini Plastic Magnet DustPan With Brush Clean Wherever Whenever

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Clean with Mini Plastic Magnet DustPan With Brush. This handy cleaning set features a dustpan with a magnet for easy mounting on magnetic surfaces.


Introducing SpiderJuice Mini Plastic Magnet DustPan With Brush, the perfect cleaning set for tackling dust and dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Also, this handy set is designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, making your cleaning tasks a breeze.

Additionally, the cleaning set features a dustpan with a built-in magnet. Also, allows it to be easily mounted on the sides of appliances or other magnetic surfaces. Made from washable and reusable plastic. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to 80 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for various cleaning environments.

Moreover, the plastic bristles on the brush are gentle yet effective, allowing you to clean surfaces without causing any damage. Whether it’s removing dust from delicate objects or sweeping up dirt from floors, this brush ensures a thorough and efficient clean.

The package includes 1 dustpan (Supdi) and 1 broom with a magnet. The materials used are plastic and nylon, ensuring durability and reliability. Please note that the color of the set will be randomly selected, adding an element of surprise to your purchase.

Material : Plastic.

Color : Random.

Package includes : 1 Piece.

Country of Origin : China.

Product size : 11 x 8.5 x 1.2 cm.

Additional information

Weight0.058 kg
Dimensions18.2 × 12 × 1.5 cm


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