SpiderJuice 1Pc Handy Wrist Wallet For Eaasy Access While Hiking Sports Running Etc

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Discover the 100% brand new Handy Wrist Wallet, a high-quality accessory that offers convenience. Use it as a wallet to store your keys, credit cards, and more


Introducing SpiderJuice versatile and high-quality product, the 100% brand new Handy Wrist Wallet. Also, this innovative accessory is designed to serve multiple functions, making it an essential item in your daily routine.

Additionally, with its stylish design and durable construction, this Wallet Wristband can be used as a wallet. Also, allows you to conveniently store your keys, credit cards, and other essential items.

Moreover, not only does this wristband provide storage convenience, but it also offers protection for your wrist during exercise.

Material : Fleece.

Color : Random Colour.

Package includes : 1 Piece.

Country of Origin : China.


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